McHenry Vineyard

McHenry Vineyard, 2010 Pinot Noir, Estate, Santa Cruz Mountains

In our 35 years of receiving the gift provided by our vines, the 2010 harvest was the best. Most importantly, the quality was as close to perfect as we had ever seen. The sugar rose to 24.7 degrees Brix while retaining the perfect tartness (0.9TA percent by volume, 3.3 pH). Such precious fruit deserves the best cooperage including new Francois Freres French oak (at $1,000 each). We hope you will enjoy this wine with the same delight as our family. Our long experience teaches us that for the wines of this sacred spot in the Santa Cruz Mountains, one needs patience. The 2010 Estate is gorgeous now and it will develop beautifully with bottle aging.
320 cases produced. $34 per bottle, $360 per case. Alc. 13.7% by volume

McHenry Vineyard, 2010 Pinot Noir, Estate Swan Clone, Santa Cruz Mountains

One block of our vineyard contains plants derived from cuttings originally from Joe Swan’s vineyard. We have noticed over the years that this clone had special qualities. In 2010 the Swan block ripened beautifully (25.4 degrees Brix, 3.3 pH, 0.9 TA percent per volume) and resulted in a wine over 14% alcohol that was perfectly balance by blending it with 34% of our clone 13 grapes. We are so pleased by the result! Its luscious aroma is beyond simple description or comparison. It is a nectar of pleasure. Serve this at special occasions with almost any gourmet meal and guests will be delighted. If you have a way of aging wine with steady and cool temperatures, this wine will explode with unbelievable bottle bouquet beyond even its beauty at this moment.
137 cases produced. $38 per bottle, $410 per case.

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Henry and Linda McHenry
Annie McHenry and Brandon Blanchard
A: 3208 Knowland Ave, Oakland, CA 94619
P: (831) 222-0379

McHenry Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir Grapes September 2002